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I Hope I Die Before I Get Old!

The famous line from The Who classic “My Generation” has rather negative connotations for the prospect of growing old. Longevity has been in the news again recently, and it is a subject of frequent conversations with our clients. Whilst recent reports highlighted the...

5 Strategies to Deal with Inheritance Tax

5 Strategies to Deal with Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax discussions with our clients have brought about views from both ends of the spectrum. We often hear these two contrasting comments:‘however much my kids get it’s a damn site more than I did so I’m really not bothered’‘we worked hard all our lives to...

Retirement – It’s all in the Mindset

Retirement – It’s all in the Mindset

When preparing for, or moving into retirement there is a lot to think about, but the secret to a successful retirement might just lie in the way we think. In this guest blog, Neil Williams, accredited coach looks at the different types of mind-set we can adopt, and...


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