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Our life-centred planning and comprehensive wealth management services are designed to support the complex needs of successful individuals and their families. When you become a client of Strategic Wealth Management you will receive a differentiated approach that puts your life at the centre of your financial decisions. It all starts with a conversation to understand your perspectives, values and future aspirations.


    What is your money for? Is it being managed in a way that improves your life and provides peace of mind and confidence.

    Return on Life recognises that money is there to work for you, not vice versa.  It is about reversing the narrative from money centred advice to Life Centred Planning.

    Our Services Include:


    • Return on Life Index
    • The Fiscalosophy Conversation
    • The Financial Lifeline

    Tax may well be one of your largest expenses but to an extent is largely determined by the way you legitimately arrange your financial affairs.

    Whether your aim is to build financial independence, sustain your wealth for the rest of your life or pass it on to your children or grandchildren we can help you minimize your tax liabilities.

    Our Services Include:


    • Annual Tax Review
    • Utilising Allowances
    • Tax Wrapper Strategy
    • Tax Efficient Investments Review
    • Asset Location Strategy
    • Liaison with Expert Team
    • Business Profits Extraction strategy

    We understand that you have spent a lifetime building your wealth. We help ensure that your wealth is protected throughout life and ultimately transfers  efficiently to those you wish to benefit.

    Whether your goal is to leave your estate to family or charity, to minimize inheritance tax or to maximize lifetime gifts, we are here to provide advice and support. We can assist in designing effective estate planning frameworks, and work with legal and tax advisors to ensure your wishes are carried out.

    Our Services Include:


    • Estate Plan Framework Design
    • Lifetime Gifting Strategy
    • Inheritance Tax Strategy
    • Annual Review
    • Trustee Support
    • Intergenerational Planning
    • Family Support
    • Risk Management Review
    • Philanthropic Planning
    • Expert Team Liaison

    Our evidence based investment philosophy brings science, efficiency and innovation to investing.

    We utilise more than six decades of market data, Nobel Prize winning academic research and behavioural finance to build globally diversified, risk adjusted portfolios tailored to support your financial plan.

    Our Services Include:


    • Tailored Portfolios
    • Risk Management
    • Ongoing Monitoring
    • Behavioural Coaching
    • Portfolio maintenance
    • Tax mitigation
    • Performance Reporting
    • Client Portal

    A key aspect of effective wealth planning is understanding your own wealth behaviours and those of your close family. Research based on over 40 years of behavioural study has identified a series of distinct and consistent behavioural factors that predict an individual’s propensity to build and sustain wealth.

    Frugality – willingness and ability to spend below your means

    Responsibility – the extent to which you take control of your finances

    Confidence – belief that you can improve your situation

    Planning and monitoring – setting goals and monitoring your progress to achieve them

    Focus – discipline to avoid distractions and stay on track to reach your goals

    Social indifference – spending to display social status versus social indifference to the spending of others

    Through a range of assessments we can help you and your family members to actively engage in the behavioural side of wealth management and financial planning.

    Our services include:

    * Wealth Potential * Investor Composure * Financial Planning * Career Fit * Spending Patterns * Building Wealth * Financial Perspectives * Investor Profile

    We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and their family enabling continuity of advice and an environment of trust and mutual respect. We will help you to administer your wealth and provide consolidated reporting across all aspects of your financial affairs.

    We will manage our relationship with you, as well as your appointed advice team, which will include a range of specialists from both within Strategic Wealth Management and when required, other professional firms including accountants, lawyers, business advisors, investment specialists, private bankers and philanthropic planners.

    Our Services Include:


    • Annual Wealth Management Review
    • Wealth Administration
    • Dedicated Advice and Support Team
    • Client Portal
    • Behavioural Finance Coaching
    • Expert Team Liaison
    • Regular Newsletter and Articles
    • Resource Centre Guides and Assessments


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