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Our proprietary WealthOptimiser™ program is designed to bring order and coordination to your financial affairs, so you can realise what matters most in your life. Your strategy will be unique to you, aligned to your specific goals, objectives and ambitions.

Our comprehensive wealth management and financial life planning services are designed to support the complex needs of successful individuals and their families. When you become a client of Strategic Wealth Management you will receive so much more than just independent advice. We start by helping you to identify your goals, then create a plan to expertly manage your finances and ensure you remain on track toward achieving them.


The best or ideal life can only be achieved by utilising effectively our key resources (money and time) and aligning them with our values. By doing so we can achieve the optimum results.

Using our proprietary three stage WealthOptimiserTM program we can help you achieve financial independence; retire well; protect your wealth throughout your life and pass it on to future generations. Strategic Wealth Management is a privately owned and independent firm, which means that all of our advice is free from conflict. Your Wealth Planner will work closely with you over the long-term, sourcing bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

Life Choices

The first stage in our WealthOptimiserTM program involves establishing where you are today and where you want to be, as well as any barriers standing in your way.

We consider your family and (where relevant) work/ business dynamics, the choices available and the trade offs that you may need to make to achieve the vision of your best possible life.

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Financial Planning

In the next stage we create a Financial Strategy Blueprint, running cash flow projections, 'what if' scenarios and establishing your Investment Policy Statement.

This stage in the process concludes with your Action Plan - a detailed implementation roadmap designed to support the choices you have made and turning your vision into achievable reality.

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Wealth Advice

Stage three is about fulfilling your vision and plans through the provision of detailed advice on investment portfolios, tax, income and estate planning strategies, and risk mitigation.

We implement the advice provided, review your plans regularly and deliver ongoing support and counsel, always on hand to provide the advice required whenever your circumstances change.

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Relationship management and Wealth Administration

We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and their family enabling continuity of advice and an environment of trust and mutual respect. We will help you to administer your wealth and provide consolidated reporting across all aspects of your financial affairs. We will manage our relationship with you, as well as your appointed WealthOptimiserTM team, which will include a range of specialists from both within Strategic Wealth Management and when required, other professional firms including accountants, lawyers, business advisors, investment specialists, private bankers and philanthropic planners.

We have been helping people successfully transition from work into retirement for over 20 years. As such we have a wealth of knowledge and insight around the whole retirement journey. As this is a very broad subject we have created a separate site devoted solely to the issues and choices you may face as you approach retirement. To find out more click here –