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The World has changed, and in Wealth Management, the old methods, that have often served those providing the services better than their clients, are changing too. Strategic Wealth Management is at the forefront of changing the way Wealth Management is provided in the UK for the better.

We are experts in helping clients achieve their life and retirement goals. We help clients build wealth and create financial independence, transition into and through retirement to live the life they desire, and protect and preserve their wealth for the benefit of themselves and their families.
We are not like other advisers

We are Different

We're not like those large Wealth Management companies and Private Banks who market their own products and remunerate advisors through sales leading to high charges and conflicted advice.

We're not like those Investment managers who base their services on stock selection and market timing leading to increased volatility and inferior long term results.

We’re not like those advisers who are far more interested in the money you have than they are in you and your family.

Our Principles

We are impartial and our advice is unconflicted.

Our focus is on you and your family, not your money.

Our advisers are not remunerated on the sale of products and all hold the highest levels of qualifications.

Our investment service is based on a scientifically validated evidence based approach that minimises costs and is proven to produce superior long term results not on guesswork or prediction.

Our Approach

We build long term relationships with our clients so we can truly understand what is most important to them and make sure we are always on hand whenever required.

We know that to achieve the optimum results the approach needs to be specifically tailored for each individual and their family.

We achieve this through building long term relationships supported by our tried and trusted process known as Wealth Optimisation.

We have been helping people successfully transition from work into retirement for over 20 years. As such we have a wealth of knowledge and insight around the whole retirement journey. As this is a very broad subject we have created a separate site devoted solely to the issues and choices you may face as you approach retirement. To find out more click here –